Are you feeling overwhelmed with trying to nail your 5 day challenge?

Do you need some support?

If the answer is yes, then read on...

Does this sound like you?

You’d like guidance on how to structure a challenge because you’ve never run one before.

You worry that members of your challenge might feel let down if you miss their post comments or don’t direct them quickly enough to resources because you have just too many tasks that you’re juggling on your own.

You’d like to start promoting your group or challenge because you want to make more people aware of it so you can increase your member numbers.

You need help with running your challenge because you feel really overwhelmed at the thought of doing it all yourself & not sure how you’d manage.

You struggle with the tech side of things, but know you need to utilise it to get the most out of your challenge.

You want to be able to concentrate on showing up during your challenge, rather than worrying about the tech working.

You are aware that challenges that use a Facebook bot generally have a better conversion rate, but need an expert to support you with this area.

You want to ensure that you have a slick registration process in place for your challenge but don't have a clue where to start.

Don't worry we've got you covered...

With us as your challenge wing-women, we’ll take care of all these things for you.

We'll make sure all members are happy in the group & all feeling included, while also being a sounding board if they need to bring up a point that they don’t feel comfy raising with you.

We'll ensure all the tech is taken care of, so that your challenge runs smoothly.

Between us, your challenge will be a ‘safe place,’ that members LOVE to take part in!

Challenge Essentials
Ideal to cover all your vital challenge needs

Full package only £1060
Pick & Mix Challenge Support
Perfect for support in specific areas

Individual modules priced from £35
Bespoke Challenge Support
Best for the ultimate tailored experience

Individual package created based on questionnaire responses. £POA

Please note: 5 weeks notice prior to Challenge Start Date is required.

We are Carole Searle & Lisa Porto - Your Challenge Wing-Women!

Hi, I'm Carole, a Virtual Assistant & Community Manager, based in Kings Lynn, Norfolk, United Kingdom. I offer community management to help support anyone with the running of their group or membership. I also have over 20 years’ experience in Administration & I offer this & general business productivity support to small business owners, taking out stress from your day & putting hours back in.

I am both competent and experienced in Community Management and hold certificates in Supervisory Management, NVQ L3 Business Administration and NVQ L3 Customer Service.

I love all things admin and after 25 years of perfecting my skills I set up CS Business Support to support businesses and individuals on a more flexible basis and have been doing just this for over 3 years now.


Lovely to meet you! My name is Lisa and I work remotely with a range of businesses across the UK, supporting with all things tech and design in relation to your business.

I love implementing new software and how it can help make my client’s businesses more accessible and also more efficient.

Technology is continually evolving, with many people researching businesses online before enquiring or committing to buy from them.

Embrace technology! Don’t let a lack of time, confidence or know-how stop you from moving forward with your business. 



What others say...

It's with pleasure that I am able to highly recommend Carole as a Community Manager.

She has taken so much off my mind by supporting me with my membership and comes up with ideas too.

In addition, something that can't be taught, Carole takes time to read the posts that go into the Facebook group and gets to know everyone like I do, so that if they turn their predicament around, get an opportunity that's relevant to them, Carole replies in a genuine way.

She never treats anyone as a mould, she sees everyone as individual, which for me is an important part of a membership's success.

Carole takes so much off my to-do list that it enables me to focus the time required on my paying members and evolve. I'd be incredibly overwhelmed and stressed without her.

Catherine Gladwyn
Catherine Online

Lisa Porto has the very best blend of technical ability and brilliant responsive comms which has made our launches run smoother and my business more streamlined even as it became more complicated as we went.

If you want support with all the things that make an online business run effectively and work with one of the nicest people ever - hire Lisa P

Helen Pritchard
Helen Pritchard Online

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